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22 Secrets That Will Skyrocket Your Career

By on May 10, 2014
secrets that will propel your career

I have noticed that many girls who are still in college (or have just started working) often ask people they meet at career events or their colleagues how to succeed on the job. I know why it’s important for them because I’ve been like that myself; I’ve always been curious how to “make” it and how to achieve a lot. Funny thing, back in the day, when I would ask that question, I’d get answers that were quite similar and at a certain point I was amazed that actually most successful women used to stick to the same principles.
Not much has changed: today when I hear my friends talk about keys to success, I hear pretty much the same advice I heard when I was in college.

1) Be flexible: change your approach to the problem if what you’ve done before didn’t help. Keep trying different ways of tackling the problem and eventually you will solve it.

2) Never ever get discouraged! Many people (even your friends) might try to put you down and tell you that you will never fulfill your dreams. Don’t take offence when you hear people say that. Instead, use whatever they say as motivation. Make sure you do everything to prove them wrong and show them that you won’t quit. With enough time and effort anything is possible.

3) Always think of the next step on the journey to your goals. You might become a CEO later down the road, but for now focus on becoming a Senior Manager. The only thing that matters right now is the next step.

4) Don’t offend people. Please, please, please don’t try to offend people when they piss you off. Don’t shit either on your colleagues or clients: it’s a small world and you should not burn bridges.

5) Respect people that are below you on the totem pole. No matter how powerful you feel now, later you might need help from your colleagues who right now are not in the position of power. Appreciate everything they do, show new employees or interns that you appreciate their efforts.

6) Don’t act like people owe you anything: this sense of entitlement might hurt you pretty bad. Stay humble and remember that one wrong move might fuck up your career for good.

7) Always remember where and how you started: don’t lose touch with reality, or you will be in for a huge surprise. Barely anyone can tolerate arrogance, and your colleagues might remind you of your roots.

8) Be ethical in whatever you do when working with clients: don’t lie to them and do always be honest and genuine. Remember – you can easily screw image of your company, and this will have serious ramification for your career.

9) Have that amazing thirst for success. Remember that good is never enough, and that’s why you must focus on greatness. Strive for perfection and you will eventually achieve it. And people around you will recognize your efforts and progress too.

10) Think like an owner: this is escpecially important if you want to own a business later. It helps a lot to looks at things from a different perspective and helps you understand what your role in this company is.

11) Find somebody who believes in you (that’s what you need networking for) and is ready to help you: you can achieve greatness on your own, but the journey will be tough. It’s much better to have a mentor who has already been there and done that. Make sure you never disappoint her or him.

12) Be proud of your work: do everything with great care and love, as if it were your own business. This way you can become much more productive and impress your bosses.

13) No brown-nosing please: you want to be successful really bad, I know, but you should still have some dignity left by the time you “make it”. Besides, no one likes brown-nosing bitches.

14) Learn fast: really fast actually. The faster you learn, the more people would like to teach you.

15) Don’t let emotions affect your decisions: if you are really pissed, take a deep breath, breathe out slowly and count to 10. Your emotions will fuck you up if you don’t control them.

16) Do what the firm wants you to do: even if it seems ridiculous at first, stick it out; you will thanks yourself for it later. At some point you could use this to your advantage and get some sweet rewards.

17) Many colleagues will be jealous and will hate you because you are successful. It’s ok. There aren’t your friends in the first place, they are your colleagues, so don’t get upset.

18) Stay committed to your company: don’t jump ship as soon as possible if a more lucrative job offer pops up. Most companies reward commitment. Stay at your firm if you get credit for your achievements and are promoted accordingly.

19) Don’t whine: no one cares and no one will help you anyway. You are out there on your own, so stop bitching and moaning. Get down to work and kill it, there is no time for complaining.

20) Be a go-getter. Go an extra mile. Overdeliver. Always double-check whatever you do in order not to look stupid and look careless or stupid.

21) Don’t be shy: if you have a suggestion that you think will help your colleagues or your company, talk about it. If you think that there is a way to improve some of the things you are doing, feel free to suggest a new way of doing stuff.

22) Add value: do your best to bring in more revenue or to streamline business processes. Just do everything in your power to contribute to the company’s development. Don’t just sit in your chair and wait for the end of the work day.

These secrets work for me and my friends. Do try them!

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